Where Children and Teens perform like the Idols!

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Here’s What You Get To Do!

Sing – Work with professional voice coaches on vocal technique, harmony, and lead vocals!

Dance – Choreography like you see on TV!

Microphone and stage technique – Get comfortable being on stage!

Record in a recording studio! Make a pop video!

Be in a showcase – When you’re ready, perform at your best!

Call Us: 01223 643919

BritPop Academy Is As Close To Full-Time Performance School As You Can Find… Without The Price, But With All The Experiences and Fun!

First and Foremost Britpop Academy is Fun!

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What Our Parents and Students Say

“This is so great! I’m dancing, just
like my older brother!” 


R. 8-year- old boy

I am so happy my little girls are coming to your classes they are having such a lovely time. They were so terrified and after two weeks told me they were too shy and now they have put in their order for classes after Christmas and are practising songs. I’m not sure how long it will be before they have the guts to do a solo but I have a feeling it will be a very lot sooner than it would have been without the classes!”


Natalie, Mum of 3

“For children to gain that confidence… I
couldn’t get things out of my children
myself. I don’t know what magic he did,
but Pete managed to get so much out of them!

Rita, Mum of 2

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