At BritPop Academy we provide performance opportunities for children and teens that give them a life-long skill, and that help increase their confidence in all areas of their lives.

Hi, my name is Pete Hillier. I’ve been a performer all my life, from playing in bands to musical theater. I even did kid’s TV for a while on a Cbeebies TV show called Boogie Beebies. (Oh my! Those Boogie Beebies videos!)

I was also involved in children’s theater school here in the UK, but I wanted to put a modern twist on it. That’s how BritPop Academy was born!

Singing lessons for kids! And a whole lot more!

At BritPop Academy we give kids the chance to learn performance techniques – singing, dancing, using a microphone, and recording both audio and video – in a supportive, fun atmosphere that keeps them begging to come back week after week!

When kids have fun, they feel great, and achieve more!

We know from our own experience, and from many studies, that when people feel great about themselves, and are having fun, it opens the creative pathways in the front part of the brain (the frontal cortex). This decision-making center is among the last parts of the brain to develop in adolescents. So the more neural connections you can encourage in the front of the brain, the more creative and less impulsive you are likely to be. (Wouldn’t you love to have a less impulsive teen??)

Having fun experiences also helps young people stop worrying about the past and the future, and focus on the present moment. When they are perfectly engaged in NOW, they get into flow. The more often they get into flow, the more skill they achieve, resulting in more confidence.

The research proves confident kids are more successful later in life

Being confident doesn’t mean you have to be an extrovert (there are plenty of confident and successful introverts!). It does mean that you know what you’re good at and how that provides value to others. It means you are secure in your own strengths and are better able to handle everyday challenges. Confidence in one area of life also means you are more likely to be resilient and less likely to back away from something unfamiliar in other areas of life.

 A study out of the University of Melbourne discovered that increased confidence, as early as primary school, predicted success as an adult. This makes sense, because when you believe you are good at something, you are more likely to believe you can become good at other things too.

Your children and teens need caring adults in their lives to be happy and successful now

There are many ways your children and teens can become confident young people. We like to use musical and dance performance as the means to building that confidence BECAUSE the kids love it so much!

They feel like they are part of a community, a team effort. They also get plenty of caring, individual attention from our ace instructors. The Search Institute has found that there are 40 Developmental Assets – the building blocks of healthy development in young people – that help them grow up into healthy, thoughtful, responsible adults. The more assets your child has access to, the better for their growth and development. Our programs at BritPop Academy help you “tick off” many of those assets!

All young people are welcome at BritPop Academy

We have kids, who are normally shy and hesitant about new activities, break out of their shell onstage. And we have kids who are always singing and dancing in front of the mirror, or at school, who need another outlet for their creativity (and energy!).

No matter which type of child or teen you have, no other school or program offers the unique blend of pop music and dancing – like “The Voice” and “The X Factor” – that will inspire your child, like Britpop Academy does!

We love to provide singing lessons for kids, dance lessons, and lots more!

Take a 2 week trial for £50…Just Hit Sign Up Today !

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